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Welcome to the e(RACE)r Institute's Community Hub

Where turning anti-racist theory into practice is how we roll.

About Us

At the e(RACE)r Institute, e(RACE)r Network members have a shared space to discuss anti-racist ideas, share best practices, and. co-create an anti-racist community - not simply online, but in the real world. Can't wait to see what you create!

Why You Should Join

No matter what sector you are working in, one thing is certain: Effective anti-racist work requires community to be sustained. And that is just what the e(RACE)r Network aims to provide to you. 

By working alongside like-minded people, your anti-racist journey will be exciting, fun, and most importantly collaborative. What more could you hope for as you do the challenging work of building an anti-racist world?

A Big Thanks

To the Diversity and Equity Office team who imagined e(RACE)r in 2016, thank you. We showed the world that it could, in fact, be done.  

To the hundreds of people who signed up to the Real Talk Book Club in June 2021, thank you. We showed the world that people would, in fact, come together around a topic as hard as racism if a vision of an anti-racist world was the guiding thread. 

And, to the people doing anti-racist work day in and day out, often with next to no community support, this one's for you. We can and we must do better.